The Vestry has agreed that it is in the best interest of Saint Stephen’s to develop a Strategic Plan Initiative (SPI).  Strategic planning is seeking God’s Will for Saint Stephen’s and involves a comprehensive review of church activities, programs, ministries, organization and administrative operations.  The actual process of Strategic Planning will take several months and perhaps even a year.  The strategic planning process allows us to assess and adjust the direction of the church in response to a changing environment.  It should result in the decision to act in faith on what has been discerned and presents an opportunity to improve, expand, or reform aspects of our church with the goal of ensuring the Church remains viable into the future.   

As we participate in a series of activities to develop the SPI, we must keep in mind the belief that God empowers thoughtful and prayerful reflection.  The strategic planning process is most effective when all parishioners are open and willing to listen to the call of the Holy Spirit through its various means - worship, prayer, scripture, devotional activity, meetings and reflecting together.   

Many Parishioners will be involved in the process and all Parishioners will be kept informed of progress through multiple means.  The Vestry has appointed a committee to formulate and conduct the SPI.  The members are Jim Joeriman (Chair), Tina Wetter (Vice Chair), Stacy Cranmer and Al Frizziola.

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