The Framework for The Saint Stephen's Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI) 

Guiding Principles

  • The SPI is the activity of seeking God’s Will for Saint Stephen’s and it involves the decision to act in faith on what has been discerned to ensure Saint Stephen's remains viable.

What's Involved

  • Listening with openness to the Holy Spirit and to each other while believing that God empowers thoughtful prayerful reflection.
  • A comprehensive and objective review of all activities, programs and ministries of Saint Stephen’s.
  • A consistent monitoring of the process and making adjustments as necessary.

Phase 1 - Formulate Framework
     Establish Lines of Communication for SPI:

  • Announcements at Services
  • SPI Website
  • Newsletters
  • eMail
  • Bulletin Inserts
  • Vestry Meeting Agenda - Standing Report
  • Person-to-Person conversations

     Broadly Identify Who is involved in each phase - who, what, when, how (WWWH)

  • The entire congregation is welcome to participate, and their participation will be sought.
  • Prior to embarking on each phase or task, Committee will discuss, reflect and decide WWWH
  • More than one person will be interviewed by multiple people & results will be analysed

     Establish Committee Communication and Collaboration

  • Announce/publish to congregation 
    • Decide what and how to announce
  •   Present Framework to the Vestry


Phase 2 - A Celebration of Who We Are (Mission - Vision - Values)

Mission Statement - Defines our purpose and it tells others why Saint Stephen's exists.

Vision Statement - It states what we want to become. It is a mental picture of a desired future.

What is our mission, our vision, and what do we as a congregation value?

Discover what are congregation values through:

  •  Questionnaires
  •  Group Discussions
  •  Website Interaction
  •  Bulletin Inserts
  •  Pew Inserts

Reflection and discussion on the mission statement and how it impacts all our decisions.

  • Reflection and discussion:  Are our values reflected in our mission statement?
  • Draft Mission Statement or retain current statement.
    • Vestry reflection, discussion and approval.
  •  Draft Vision Statement.
    •   Vestry reflection, discussion and approval.


Phase 3 - Situation Analysis (Where are we NOW) A Congregational Conversation

 Create a list of areas to study and prioritize

  • SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses,  opportunities and threats)
    • Identify who and how SWOTs are facilitated.
    • Insure SWOT facilitators understand the SWOT Process.
    • Convey need for openness and confidence to explore new and different ideas and to accept change.
    • Announce to congregation.
  • Review By Laws for suggested changes and identity of conflicts.


Phase 4 - Establish Goals and Objectives

 Compile & Reflect on analysis data.

 SPI Committee recommends and facilitates with Vestry. 

 Adopt no more than 5 Goals.

 Vestry adopts established goals and objectives.


Phase 5 - Written Plan (How Do We Get To Where We Want To Go)

Draft the written plan.

Vestry discussion

Vestry approval

Bylaw - Identify necessary changes for submission to the congregation for approval.

Present the Stategic Plan to the congregation.

Launch the Plan