Stratigic Planning Initiative


Saint Stephens Episcopal Church

1.     INCLUSIVE- all church members will be invited, encouraged and included in the process.

2.    VALUED COMMENTS- all comments will be considered valuable to the process; recognize that everyone has a “voice”.

3.     RESPECT- participants will show respect for others.

4.     RESPECTING HISTORY/FOCUS ON FUTURE- church history will only be revisited if it has implication for the future (people will not be discussed only events).

5.     PROCESS ORIENTED- the Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI) Process will be clearly outlined and defined.

6.     BENCHMARKS- milestones along the way will be acknowledged and celebrated.

7.     TRANSPARENT- information from meetings will be available to all.

8.     REPORTABLE- regular reports and updates will be provided at Vestry Meetings, church website and public venues (e.g. church services).

9.     CONSENSUS- decision making will be made by consensus.

10.     VESTRY RESPONSIBILITY AND ACTION - the Vestry will review and agree to support the process.

11.    LEADERSHIP LISTENERS- in conversations throughout the Strategic Planning Initiative Process, vestry members, SPI Committee members and the Rector will take a neutral position refraining from influencing the congregation’s voice

12.    COMMITMENT TO ACTION- the church leadership, i.e. the Rector and Vestry, will act on the recommendations and direction given to it by the Strategic Planning Committee and church membership.