04/18/17 The Vestry adopted a new mission statement.  It is:  Welcoming Everyone, Connecting with God, Building Community and Transforming Lives.  We discussed Core Values and expect to announce them in May or June.

02/27/17  The SPI Committee met to discuss 

12/xx/16  The first phase of the the framework has been completed.  We have embarked on Phase 2 - A Celebration of Who We Are (Mission Vision and Values).

11/11/16  The congregational survey has been completed and the responses complied into key words.  The two values expressed the most are worship and fellowship.

10/09/2016  The SPI Committee met to discuss and start implementation of a congregational conversation about why Saint Stephen's exists and what is valued.

09/13/2016  The Framework Outline for the SPI was presented to and endorsed by the Vestry.

09/06/2016  Committee meeting held and a draft of the framework for the study was finalized for presentation to the Vestry at the September meeting.

8/25/2016  The committee members are working on gathering information for our first committee meeting which will be held in early September.

At that time we will start to work on a framework for the SPI which, after Vestry approval, will be published on this site.

8/13/2016  The Vestry appointed a committee to manage and oversee the Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI).  The SPI Committee Members are Jim Joeriman (Chair), Tina Wetter (Vice Chair), Stacy Cranmer and Al Frizziola.

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